Package org.openbandy.log

Interface Summary
Log The Log interface provides methods to print and/or store log messages of different severity.

Class Summary
LogConfiguration The LogConfiguration contains presets, defaults and preference values used to configure the behaviour of the Log.
LogHelper The LogHelper provides two static methods to create log messages and determine the log level respectively.
LogImpl Implementation of the Log interface for use with CLDC and MIDP on mobile devices.
LogLevel The LogLevel class defines the different log levels as integer values, as strings and the colors that are used to print (i.e.
LogStorage This class provides methods to store log messages persistently using the devices RMS.
LogStorageViewerMIDlet The LogStorageViewerMIDlet opens and shows the log for viewing purposes only, i.e., it is not possible to add log messages.
SelectBtDeviceForm This form is used to list all Bluetooth devices in range and, if selected, send the log messages as a file (OBEX).
SelectFilterLevelForm This form is used to set the level of filtering (i.e.
SelectLogLevelForm This form is used to set the level of logging (i.e.
SelectLogModeForm This form is used to set the level of filtering (i.e.